Living Workplace Wellness

“The blueprint to transform your workforce and your customers.”

Now, more than any other time, putting wellness at the centre of your company’s ethos is crucial to cultivating a happy, healthy workforce.

‘This will take your company to the next level.’

Living are experts in wellness and Lifestyle, we have created a bespoke Workplace Wellness solution that is as individual as your company.

This unique initiative supplies the necessary tools to take care of mental health, physical health and nutrition; nurturing a healthy happy workforce.

‘Ultimately reducing sick days and increasing productivity.’

  • Starting with the ‘Living Eighty Twenty’ online wellness programme (that comes as standard)
  • The Living Eighty Twenty programme includes; mental health, physical health and nutrition with built-in leader boards and rewards for being healthy.
  • Bespoke supplement range

It’s all online so that your employees or clients can have full control of when and where they choose to use the programme.

Add on specialist workshops and activities to suit the needs of your company and employees. To make your wellness solutions even more bespoke to your business; choose from any of the specialist solutions below to add to your bespoke Workplace Wellness Package.

  • Motivation and Team-building day retreats and events
  • Nutritional and healthy food deliveries to your offices

‘Your employees are not only the face of your business – they are the foundation of it’

By taking care of them, you are taking care of your business.

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